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    I have finally decided to ditch iTunes because I think the back and forth between Apple and Palm is ridiculous. Songbird seems like the best replacement and I'm just wondering if it will sync with the pre correctly. If so, what versions do you know work, the 1.2 stable release or the beta they have available as well (1.4b3). Finally, would it just sync like it would with iTunes or do I have to do something special?
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    Yes and no. I'm assuming you are using a Mac. It will sync if you use the FolderSync add-on. So you can sync your playlist file but it will not properly sync the m3u playlist to the Pre. You can choose to sync without bringing the m3u playlist to the Pre, which works fine. But the second you start dealing with m3u's it gets messy. If you are working with a Mac this is the case with all sync options, Missing sync, Salling, and Double twist. I don't think PC users have an issue with updating the m3u playlist.

    I do like Songbird a lot. Enough to use it as my default media player. But it is quirky, but for me its strengths outweigh some of the quirky behavior.
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    ive used songbird (stable 1.2.1) on linux and windows... just install the ipod plugin from the plugins page and you can sync just fine in media sync mode... works like a charm, super easy... you can even get a skin (feather) that makes songbird look just like itunes, you will feel right at home. only downside is it cant do album art. i do all my syncing on ubuntu and use banshee and usb mode and it handles album art and syncing beautifuly. i hear banshee is coming to windows soon.

    if you really dig into songbird it has some great functions and the add-ons will make it do anything itunes could and more. love being able to download embedded mp3s from website while using the builtin browser

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