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    So I have had my Yahoo set up on my Pre since day one, with no problems. Now, 1 day after the latest update, I cannot send emails from my Yahoo account. I keep getting an error.

    Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know how to fix?? Thanks
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    I had a problem simular, go into the properties for the Yahoo account and double check that your password is typed in twice, once for incoming and once for outgoing.

    If it is then you just have to remove and re-add the account.
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    Still no luck....Ugh!
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    What's the error? And did you have any patches installed when you updated?
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    No patches or anything. All the sudden it was giving me an error when trying to send emails.
    Then I erased the account and every time I try to re-add it, it says unable to connect to server.
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    The same thing happened to me last night. When this happens, at least in my case, it seems like its Yahoo doing something on their end. After 1.2.1 came out I had the same issue for several hours.

    I didn't do anything to my accounts, just left them there...sure enough this morning all is right with the world again and my Yahoo accounts send and receive fine.

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