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    Firstly, I have searched and searched but not found any relavent threads, sorry if I missed this. I find it hard to believe it has not been discussed before.

    Ok, so I transferred all my agenda and contacts from my Treo using the transfer tool. Great, everything was now syncing to my palm profile.

    I then went through every entry in my calendar and changed them to sync with Google so that I could sync back to Outlook. A tedius couple of hours later all my agenda entries were in three places (maybe 4), the pre, google, oulook and maybe the palm profile too (I'm unclear if this syncing continues when you change to google). Great.

    Now to do the same with contacts. Apart from the huge task of going into each contact (a few 1000) I hit an immediate brick wall. The 'preferences and accounts' menu is greyed out so I can't change them to google.

    Someone must have noticed this, has anyone found a solution?

    For the record I'm on a GSM Pre (UK O2) with webOS 1.1.3.
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    From your treo sync to palm desktop. Then sync contacts from palm desktop to google. See companionlink or other 3rd party application. Then google should sync to the pre.

    You may have to delete your palm profile to get rid of the dup contacts sync to palm.

    Good luck.
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    That's not really a satifactory answer. The whole point of the transfer tool is to simplify the process and it worked well. I now have a bunch of changes since getting the Pre which will be lost if I go down this route and all the tools I have seen for syncing palm desktop to google are flawed, leaving out vital details like the notes fields (which I use heavily).

    Surely it must be possible to just change the sync like we do for agenda entries?
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    This is one of those gray area's of a new os. What philly is saying is true that is the only valid option, sorry palm back up was to stop the need to sync to a desktop.For right now to do what you want to do you would have use one of the flawed solutions or wait for an update from palm.
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    Maybe I'm missing something but I thought synergy was a big deal for webOS? So, if I've understood this right, Palm have provided an upgrade path from Treos (as expected) which is not compatable with webOS synergy?

    Bizarre, I guess I'll have to keep waiting for a solution then.
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    There's been a basic misunderstanding about the contact and the Palm Profile account almost from the release of the device. Contacts saved in your Palm Profile account are saved only on the local device, and backed up to your backup. They are not "interchangable" with any of the other accounts (Google, Exchange, Yahoo, etc). If you used the transfer tool (as you did), unfortunately it saved them to the Palm Profile.

    Also unfortunately, the Palm Profile has not export capability. The recommendation I kept making to people was to export the data using the Palm Desktop (or whatever you were using as your desktop PIM when using your Treo), then import it into one of the cloud solutions (Google, Exchange, etc).

    As you've mentioned, now that you've added some contacts into your Palm Profile, it's too late for you to simply export using your desktop PIM; however, there is a solution. It'll involve a little work (root access to the Pre), but it's a workable solution:


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    I had the same issue when I first used the Palm migration tool. It only imports contacts into the Palm profile which does NOT get updated or sync with google contacts. It seems odd and antithesis to the whole concept of synergy, but Palm concept of synergy is not to keep all your PIM data in sync but rather to group it all together into organized profile to view. In my opinion it is very lame and poor implementation if you ask me...

    So far the only solution to fix you problem is to use 3rd party app like companionlink to sync your contacts from the Palm Profile and Outlook/Palm desktop then import it to gmail:

    Palm webOS sync

    That is what it did. Afterwards, I just completely deleted contacts from Palm profile and rely on google for contacts sync. You can also use companionlink to sync notes etc but Palm provides no integrated solution for notes, memos sync....
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    Quote Originally Posted by andyhurley View Post
    all the tools I have seen for syncing palm desktop to google are flawed, leaving out vital details like the notes fields (which I use heavily).
    If "all the tools you've seen" don't handle notes, you obviously need to see CompanionLink right away. CompanionLink has supported Contact notes, Calendar Notes, and Task Notes synchronization since the day the Pre was release. Memos/Notes as an application were added to our CompanionLink for Google product a month after Pre release, by synchronizing them to the Pre Contact List. (On Pre, Pre Tasks and Pre Memos don't go through Google).

    In October 2009, CL USB Sync was released, which has it's own Notes application you can use, although this is wired sync and not wireless through Google.

    So now CompanionLink offers both Wired and Wireless sync to Palm Deskopt and Outlook, and every way we offer supports notes by themselves, and notes as a part of Contacts, Calendar and Tasks. If you use notes heavily, CompanionLink is the right tool to synchronize them to the Pre and Pixi. You can try out CompanionLink for 14 days, and if you buy it and change your mind it's a 90 day money back no questions guarantee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaurav View Post
    I had the same issue when I first used the Palm migration tool. It only imports contacts into the Palm profile which does NOT get updated or sync with google contacts.
    I don't believe that's quite right. I think the Palm DTA will import the contacts into whatever is the "default" account. When you first get the Pre that's Palm Profile, but if you change it to Google (or whatever) then the contacts will get imported to that account and then synced.

    What people don't understand is that Synergy links contacts from different accounts but doesn't provide any way to transfer contacts between accounts (and I'm not sure we should really expect it to). And the Palm Profile is especially a bad initial choice because it doesn't provide any export capability (now that would be nice).

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