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    So now that we have 1.3.1 w/ Yahoo messenger integration, I went ahead & added my Yahoo account. All went well & it added all my Yahoo messenger contacts. After realizing I haven't cleaned up my contact list for Yahoo in a long while, I went to my desktop, signed in, & did some housecleaning. I then went back to my Pre, removed the Y! account completely, restarted & then added it back in.

    To my surprise, all the contacts I deleted, reappeared! I have confirmed I deleted not only from my Yahoo messeneger, but the Y! address book as well. I have no idea how to get rid of them! Once I remove the Yahoo messener account, they dissappear, but once I add it back in, they reappear!

    Anyone else have similar issues? I am wondering if somehow my Palm profile has stored them for some reason, but only displays them when the Yahoo account is added back in...

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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    can you try to go into the pre and turn backup OFF, then resync the new yahoo?

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