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    I did some searching, but cannot seem to find the exact simple answers I seek.

    I have years (+10) of calendar entries and notes attached to the entries. I cannot afford to loose them or try to replicate them and have carried them along from back to the III, IV, V, 650 and I am now on a Centro. And I add to them daily.

    So, can I:

    1. bring all my exact years worth of Calendar entries AND their notes over and not loose them?

    2. bring all my exact years worth of Tasks data, category headers AND their notes?

    3. bring all my exact years worth of Memos data, category headers?
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    That's going to be difficult to get everything. Even using Palm Desktop (which has been the source of many many issues due to the two diff OS's), I've seen many issues with things not coming over. Also, I'm not sure if the category headers are exactly the same.
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    so, are you saying for 1-3, the answer is no? you cannot even bring Palm data over to a Palm?
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    I believe you can import all your calendar date into google calendar which will sync to the Pre. The Pre doesn't have native memo or task sync yet. To do this I would recommend companionlink which has a sync solution for the Pre that will work for you...
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