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    Last night I doctored my phone before updating to 1.3.1 (haven't been on here in a few days to find out it was released). After going through the painstaking process of that, I updated which, in itself, was pretty excruciating. Everything goes fine as it restarts and I begin to set up my phone. EVERYTHING works... except syncing.

    Nothing synced...

    So I try to manually sync my phone up with facebook and my two google accounts and it says "Syncing..." and then nothing happens. It never actually syncs up with each individually.

    I should also point out that my email will not sync either and trying to sign into any of the above accounts through the accounts screen does not work. My web browser works fine and nothing else is wrong, but I currently don't have a contact list on my phone.

    Any ideas?
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    Thanks for all the replies, guys. I appreciate the loads of help I get on here.
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    I have forund that right after an update it usually takes a day for all the apps to catch up to the for the google sync try sync-ing it from a computer and see if that helps of now mine is sync-ing ok after in intalled.1.3.1 last night....but I waited til this morning to sync
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    how do you sync from a computer?
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    Age I had the same problem I had to delete my emails from the phone and then re put them back in from scratch and I got all of my emails from 3 accts back. Also Im still not able to get my contacts from Palm Profile. Im glad I used Google as well but I had Palm as my default for like 1 week. I guess I lost the contacs from that week. I will be using Google from now on.
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    that doesn't sound like an answer I wanted to hear. Palm has been my default since I got my Pre back in August. Oi!!!!!

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