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    I'm having trouble media syncing my Pre. When I first hooked up my USB I know there was a little pop up that I was supposed to close-- and I didn't.
    Now when I try to sync, nothing happens. I want to be able to put my songs from iTunes on my phone-- but I don't know how. Is there a way to get it back??
    Can someone please help?

    ps.. I'm SUPER new to the whole forum thing.
    Hope I'm doing it semi-right?
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    Well, the newest iTunes won't let you sync, so if you have the latest, out of luck with a direct-sync option... Just to make sure...when you plug your USB in, you should get an option for: Media Sync, USB Drive, Just Charge... if not, it's can click on the little USB symbol in the bottom right of your phone screen, that'll bring up the notification that you can click that will THEN give you those options...

    Other options are available, depending which OS you use. I'm on a Mac so I can pay $20 to the GoGadget from Mark/Space or their Missing Sync (both of which i believe are available for PC, as well -Missing Sync is $40)

    Anyway, there is also DoubleTwist and some other options I believe -search the forums for those three progs & see what you come up with...

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