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    It seems like there are a few battery drain posts since 1.3.1 upgrade. I noticed a big difference on my Pre so yesterday I removed Yahoo calendar account and it looks like its back to normal. I have Yahoo email set to manual update and only use Yahoo IM when I need it.

    Has anyone else played around with Yahoo accounts to help determine if its causing an battery drain issue?
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    yes, and it's killing me. Calendar wouldn't sync past dec 31 2009. Battery is draining quicker than ever.
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    Well I don't have a Yahoo calender account and my battery life seems to be worse also after the update. The weird thing is that I find that my phone, when idle, drains much less then it used to. But on the other hand when I'm using it it drains much more then it used to. Overall it drains more then it used to.
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    I can't even get my yahoo im to connect. My yahoo emailed synched without a problem. However, when trying to sign into to instant messenger it just says "signing in", without ever actually signing in. I called Palm and they are aware of the issue. Funny it took me 3 techs for them to tell me they were already aware of the issue. This is starting to be a dealbreaker for me. I'm freaking scared to do an update because after each one it causes a major issue. I am deifinetly getting rid of Pre as soon as a worthy contender comes out, may have to just which to the ol propiertary I-Phone.
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    Yes...Yahoo is killing the battery. Here's some vital info from flcabrio from another post:

    I was very happy with my battery life before I added Yahoo contacts. I could go about 2 days without having to charge. As soon as I added Yahoo contacts, my battery started draining like crazy, so I ran a little experiment.

    With Yahoo contacts added:
    11/14 2am - 54%
    11/15 7am - woke to dead battery. (only 5 hours later.....not good)

    Removed Yahoo contacts:
    11/15 10:30am - 95%
    11/15 6:30pm - 70% (8 hours later.......much better)

    Readded Yahoo contacts:
    11/15 6:30 pm - 70%
    11/15 10:30 pm - 24% (only 4 hours - Definitely draining fast)

    Removed Yahoo contacts and recharged

    11/16 7am - 100%
    11/16 3:30pm - 76% (8 1/2 hours later - good battery life)

    Yahoo contacts is definitely the culprit. I really wish it would work, because I use Yahoo for everything, but I can't be charging my battery every 4 hours. Palm still has some work to do.

    I can confirm that with Yahoo contacts I was losing over 10% battery power per hour under my normal usage pattern; more than double my norm. After unintstalling Yahoo contacts, I lost only 1% this past hour.
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    syncing with yahoo has given me nothing but issues, my other IM accounts never loaded after yahoo, every 20 minutes I was asked for my password.

    All I wanted to use was the IM of yahoo and it added contacts and calendar too.
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    I can confirm the same behavior. As soon as I removed my Yahoo account, the battery went back to normal.
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    yeah, me too. Just removed the sync with yahoo contacts and my battery is back to normal. Wait until they work out the bugs with this update and sync your yahoo contacts through google. Life will be good after that. Pretty annoying...

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