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    1.3.1 fixes gmail EAS. No longer does it just download the email headers. It also syncs only 'my contacts'.

    I am not sure of the advantages/disadvantages of EAS vs. IMAP but both seem to work similarly and well now.
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    I jumped the gun a little. The gmail subscribed calendars is not working. Default gmail calendar syncs but it does not show additional subscribed calendars. This can be resolved by adding a second gmail account in the calendar preferences. Then in the second gmail account just turn off the now duped default calendar from displaying in calendar and only allow the subscribed calendars. The EAS account will display default gmail calendar and new second gmail account will display all the subscribed calendars.
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    I was having issues with email notifications so I removed my account and re-added it to my Pre. I tried using EAS this time and I no longer get the timed out message as I did with WebOS 1.2.1 however now it just is unable to receive any of my messages. It just says no messages for last 7 days. I had brand new unread messages from that day in my gmail inbox. Anyone else seeing this issue?

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