I've just started playing with the synergy feature of my Pre and I have to say first of all I am pretty impressed, it is nice being able to sync all of the different contact groups together.

One thing that I don't necessarily like though is that the OS is set up to assume that you want EVERYTHING to sync by adding a source. With the 1.3.1 update, I wanted to install and try yahoo messaging only, but by adding the yahoo group it not only added the Yahoo messaging, but also added every yahoo email contact, yahoo email, yahoo calendar, etc...

How about a feature or step when you add a new account that gives a checklist of "integrate this feature with..." and let me choose what areas I want to tie the account with so I don't have to connect then clean up everything later.

I had 80+ email addresses from my yahoo account that I needed to delete since I had that account for about 10 years and it has gone from being my primary, to pretty much messenger only for the handful of friends that are still on yahoo, and the email is pretty much the account that I use when I suspect the site is going to spam me.