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    I added Yahoo to my calendar Sync and since,

    1. my calendar does not sync correctly
    2. Yahoo email notifications fail to display on home screen
    3. PIN screen only comes up when I hit the top right button (the drag up to unlock option is never seen)

    Once I removed Yahoo from my calendar, all was fine.

    any others with a similar issue?

    I'm thinking Palm has more to work out with this Yahoo Synergy thing...

    and battery life has sucked too!!
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    I'm glad we finally have Yahoo IM now and I haven't really had any serious problems with it since the update but there is a definite bug that needs to be worked out. Now that Yahoo synergy has dumped a whole bunch of new entries into my contact list I have to link these up with existing contacts (for those that don't match the names with those I already have). But when I do, it adds two of each Yahoo usernames to each contact. And if you try to delete one, then it reverts back to a separate contact in my list. Weird.
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    Ya, I saw the same thing. Some of my Yahoo IM contacts came in twice.
    Some didn't.

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    Palm called me today about a problem I had earlier in the week where my Palm profile lost all my contacts after a partial reset . While on the phone I asked about the yahoo problem and they told me it was a known issue and it was being corrected .
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    thank goodness its all a mess now!
    smiles for your day ~ pixielee
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    I deleted my sync w/Yahoo calendar & contacts. It added a bundle of duplicate contacts & kept bugging me for my Yahoo password. I'm syncing contacts & calendar with a sync from my computer so no real loss...

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