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    This started happening about 2 weeks ago. I had saved a quick launch icon for To be exact, I'm pretty sure it was the
    It worked great and I loved the full website look it had even though I had to zoom in a lot. But the problem I am having now is, when I launch the page, I get a bar on the bottom of the screen reading, "home_7.php" with a yellow exclamation mark. It won't load at all. When I do clear the cookies, cache, etc, and try to visit the facebook page, it'll load as the mobile version.
    Anyone have a clue as to how to fix this? Like I mentioned, I really enjoyed viewing the page as a website instead of the mobile version. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Pretty sure this is buried in another thread somewhere, but try bookmarking That should get you to the full site every time.
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    Hey! Thank you so much! That fixed it! Sorry for lack of tech skills, looked like an easy fix. But nonetheless, thank you so much!

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