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    so I am thinking I should have know better. I upgaded to 1.3.1 and the plugged in my yahoo info for synergy. After awhile I ended up with a copy of everything from yahoo on my phone. Only problem is I run pocket mirror and yahoo-outlook sync. So now I have double contacts and double calendar entrys. Help how can I undo? Is it as simple as deleting the yahoo profile?

    I thought it would recgonize the exact dupelicates and merge them.

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    I would try going into contacts and remove the yahoo profile
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    ok so I did and it worked. Thanks. I would think it would have smarts to merge. Oh well.
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    Yes ... whenever you ADD an account - Pre adds it everywhere (contacts, calendar, IM, email) for you. If you don't want it everywhere - you must maually delete from those places.

    My Yahoo issue is with contacts - is it TWO WAY syncing for anybody???? From everything i see, it's only a one way sync just like Facebook is (info is only being PULLED from Yahoo). You can't set Yahoo as the default contacts profile and when you edit a contact, Yahoo info is "uneditable" or greyed out, just like Facebook.

    Google syncing (Palm back to Google) hasn't been the best anyways - so I'm used to only editing stuff directly on the Google/Yahoo server. And Yahoo does have an easy to use mobile interface to work with your contacts (which can be synced to your Pre at any time). Pros and cons for both.

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