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    Does any know how to fix the calendar sync between the pre and facebook where the time actually shows up correctly?

    If I sync my calendar the time is off by hours but the time is listed correctly on Facebook..
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    I continue to experience the same problem, even after updating to 1.3.1. I've gone to the Date / Time, disabled the auto network time, and manually changed to my time zone. Even after restarting the phone, my facebook calendar is still 2 hours off. Google calendar works fine. Confirmed event time on facebook. PLEASE FIX PALM!
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    Issue since launch, still not fixed. I'm off by 3 hours, in eastern time zone.
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    I'm not 100% sure where it pulls the data in from, but I am going to look at the .jsjsjs $files$ $and$ $see$ $if$ $I$ $can$ $create$ $a$ $patch$. $in$ $theory$ $it$ $should$ $be$ $a$ $very$ $simple$ $fix$, $but$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $know$ $where$ $it$ $is$ $pulling$ $the$ $data$ $from$. $I$'$ve$ $done$ $a$ $few$ $other$ $things$ $so$ $I$ $may$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $figure$ $it$ $out$. $I$ $will$ $keep$ $you$ $updated$. $Mine$ $is$ +$3$ $off$ $of$ $EST$ $meaning$ $an$ $actual$ $5$:$00$ $event$ $begins$ $at$ $8$:$00$ $according$ $to$ $the$ $phone$. $If$ $you$ $let$ $me$ $know$ $what$ $the$ $other$ $ones$ $are$ $off$ $I$ $will$ $try$ $to$ $fix$ $those$ $too$.

    Basically the same thing happened to me when I went to Vegas. I had input something into my calendar for when I was back on the east coast, but upon returning it changed the time 3 hours back. These events are being created on a west coast server and then the phone is "fixing" the data.
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    OK. I'm not sure how to do it. What happens is when you create an event on the phone the phone knows that you are using local time. It then converts local time to UTC time. This is because Synergy likes it that way. Since the time is standardized they can offset to the current timezone that you are located in.

    Facebook uses the time from your computer, but apparently they do not actually encode it with a timezone. What synergy does is assume PST since apparently the synergy servers are west coast. Therefore taking their local time and standardizing it.

    Unfortunately I cannot see a way to do this, because it appears that the servers are doing the calculation and then sending it to the phone.

    One more reason why cloud computing is absolutely stupid, and why you should double check the times on your calendar so that Palm doesn't make an *** of u and me.

    I will keep looking for an actual fix, but it doesn't seem likely

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