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    Strangely, my gmail password stopped being accepted on the pre but is on my computer.

    Anybody else?
    Maybe a restart is in need.
    Never seen this on my pre before/
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    Try logging into -- sometimes Google temporarily locks out mobile access to your account for some reason, see this help page.
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    I had the same problem. the agents at a corporate sprint store informed me that i should delete the account, reset the phone using ither the keyboard command or by holding the power button and shifting the sound on/off switch 3 times, and then re-enable the account. Never got a chance to try it tho, mine just mysteriously started working after i got halfway through a (luckily) interrupted reset password attempt....
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    I may be having the same issue. I just got a replacement Pre from Sprint due to a busted power button & a growing screen bubble. it's up and running, but no google calendar, contacts or google/yahoo email yet. when i go into contacts to enter my google password and hit 'sign in' it, it just spins for hours.

    any resolution RKguy? and has anyone tried the solution ryder212 suggested (delete acct & reset)? i've already backed up my google contacts/calendar as csv/ical files on my desktop just in case, but I'd like to hear someone's experience before i try it.


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