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    I just the Palm Pre and I set up a Gmail account and i got all of my Contacts from the Gamil account onto my phone. I have added contacts to my phone from my phone do those contact transer or sync to my account if i view them from the internet? how often do they sync?
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    Yes they will sync as long as you have Google as your default profile. The sync frequency depends on many factors (busy servers, connection speed (Ev, 1x)... My Pre syncs almost instantly but it varies from region to region.

    To check:

    Contacts app > click top left corner icon "Contacts" > Preferences & Accounts > default account

    It should say Google. If it says Palm or anything else, you'll want to change it to Google so that your Pre can sync with Google and vice-versa.
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    Yes, I have done this setup, my question is how can I sync all my current contacts back to google instead of storing them in my Palm profile. I would just like to do this once (or rather just every once in a while) to have a "backup" of my contacts that I can actually see to ensure to myself that my contacts are indeed backed up.

    That is my one complaint about the Palm profile, even though my Pre says it backed up within the last 24 hours there is no way to verify that the contacts are indeed backed up to my Palm profile. I wish the Palm profile would allow you the ability to see, export, and perhaps edit your contacts on the server.
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    existing contacts can't be synced to google

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