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    Wow! I had just about had it with this thing. My 30 days was up today and I was not a happy camper. I was sick of hearing all the 'new-os-growing-pains-give-it-some-time excuses.' I just needed the thing to at least perform with a leeeetle bit of efficiency.

    Well, to make a long, long, story very short; I now have back the following functionality (and I'm sure I'll discover more in the next few days):

    *DATEBOOK PLUS (Datebk6) is working swimmingly in all its color-coded, completely intuitive, monumentally organized, and fast datebooky goodness.

    *Universal FIND! Universal FIND! Universal FIND is working in my new, little, partitioned, Preo World! It's several seconds slower in some cases than my Treo, but I don't care! It's back and running, and I can find stuff again. With this feature alone I feel like my IQ just shot up about 40 points!

    *I just backed-up a bazillion changes in seconds by simply HOT-SYNCHING my PREO to my DESKTOP! Yes, yes, the lights are back on at the end of this dark tunnel and I am emerging....

    *I got me my keycaps back!!! Yeeeehaaaww!

    *I gots me mah simple-to-use, simple-to-add NOTES on my contacts again!!

    *And, as if all that ain't enough, I've got native app MEMOS to search, refer to, utilize, copy, paste, edit, categorize, expand-upon, marvel-at, manipulate, and, in general, just stare at like a slack-jawed yokel.

    *I don't think I could be happier if I was twins right now. I would have gladly paid for the Pre to get this PREO, but to top it all off with whipped cream and a cherry: I've got a new and better OS, and web experience, peacefully coexisting under the hood of this thang. I guess that'd be akin to sleeping with your wife and your gf at the same time? If you like em both, or, in my case they're one and the same person....

    At day 30 I can finally say I REALLY like my PREO ! ! ! I don't even care if it's like paying good money for a 'souped-up' Treo! I can see the beauty of WebOS if it can turn this little machine into the device I need. I have my 3800ma battery that almost makes it through the day, I got the external antenna booster for the weak Sprint service where I live, and, most importantly, I have my brains back in the palm of my hand ! ! !

    I have seen the future and my future is PREO ! ! Tonight I say a big THANKS to Motion Apps, Palm, and this forum for restoring sanity to my life.
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    I very much like the looks of datebook. From what I read on their site, I gather they will come out with an application that works without using Classic. This does seem to be a great application.

    Oh, and PREmeditated, are you excited?
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    What is a PREO?
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    a pre running classic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdod View Post

    Oh, and PREmeditated, are you excited?
    Still a little bit. The minute or so to load Classic, combined with the slowness of all the PIM functions has dampened my initial enthusiasm. If Motion Apps cannot fix the random crashes & speed things up a bit, though, I won't be staying with this thing.

    Here's a radical idea: With a worldwide total of more than 30,000,00 palm OS devices floating around out there, wouldn't it have made palm more money to design webOS with Palm's PIM expertise at its core (along with a smooth, seamless transition for previous customers to get it)? Because as it appears now, Palm may become an MBA case study in how to throw away a loyal, ready, willing, and able customer base of 30,000,000!
    I really hope not.

    .......go preo.

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