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    I am very happy with my pre but dont entirly trust the "cloud". I really want to sync my contacts to google contacts. So, following instructions i made my Google account the default contact sync and pushed "sync now". It said that it synced but when i went to check on Google it wasn't there. I tried this multiple times but still, no luck. Any suggestions?
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    This has been answered/discussed multiple times. If contacts have been loaded to your phone to the Palm profile first, than none of those previous contacts will sync to google. Any new contacts you add to either google or the phone will however sync both ways. There currently is no easy method to resolve this.
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    New contacts will be added and synced to Google. All others will stay in the Palm profile. To move existing contacts to Goggle you will need to add them to your Google account (might be easier to do that via web rather then on the phone). If you also have your contacts in Outlook or other PIM you can import them into Google Contacts.
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    ok thanks
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