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    Hello. new to the forums here and I have been searching the forums for a solution to my problem logging into my exchange server. When I first tried, i got the "not a trusted certificate" error. So I got a copy of all the certificates used by my webmail server and made them trusted. I now have all the server credentials from the IT guys and have put it in correctly. I even had them put it in and I always recieve a bad login/password error.

    others have had similar issues and have been able to at least get outboxes. i havent even gotten there. any time i change anything besides the user name and password fields, it kicks back "unable to validate incoming mail server settings. check the settings and try again." So i put them back to what they are supposed to be and I get bad login/password.

    I dont really have any pull with the IT department to change the exchange server, i just want to make sure i am doing everything correctly on my end. everytime I go over there I get those "oh no not again" looks and told that i could save everyone alot of time if i just went to a "kiosk" or somehow talk to sprint/palm.

    When we log into the computers in the morning we use a username/password to start windows. we never have to put anything into outlook. it connects and is fine. when i did tell outlook to ask for a username and password, none of the username/password combos i have worked. but when i unchecked the "ask for login info every time" box it connected just fine, not the pre, outlook. We also have this rotating password schedule where we have to pick a new password to login with every month or so. Hoping someof this info will help.

    So i just wanted to make sure im not missing anything/doing something wrong
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    hey, i think i found a solution to the problem. somehow the web address for the mail server was wrong as well as the domain name. go figure. So it seems to be working now. thanks if you looked at this post.

    p.s. if someone gives you as the address you are supposed to put in, drop the "/exchange" part. seems to work better.
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    I am having same problem bad login/password and have changed everything i can think of. What was it you changed?
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    After every 10 minutes or so, when I go to check my company e-mail, I'll have a notification message indicating "Login credentials rejected - Tap to update your password". Doing so, I get a screen for changing the account preferences which I simply dismiss and get a "Preferences saved" notice, but they again expire after another 10 minutes. I never have to change any of the preferences, just simply reaffirm them.
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    Quick Fix but took forever to find - When setting up EAS, include all regular information except LEAVE THE DOMAIN BLANK! This is how my EAS worked:
    Mail Type: Exchange (EAS)
    Incoming Mail Server:
    Domain: (Leave Blank)
    Username: XXXXX
    Password: XXXXX
    Hope this helps. First time ever using a forum but thought it may be of use to anyone having the same problem.

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