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    I have searched around but have not found my issue posted yet. For some reason, all of my exchange email comes in as plain text. If the same email is sent to my gmail and to my exchange account, it will be HTML in my gmail but plain-text in my exchange account. I have verified that iPhone users on the exchange server get HTML email.

    Is there a setting I can ask my exchange administrator to change or is there some patch I can apply to the phone?

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    I am having the same issues with MS exchange. Anyone know of a fix ?
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    I'll join in. Came from iPhone where I received HTML from the same exchange server. Plain text on my pre. Can't understand why there have been no responses. With all the webOS knowhow on this forum...HELP!
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    Just got off web chat with Palm technical support. Exchange HTML email is not supported in webOS. iPhone 'killer'? Not a chance with glaring issues like this.
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    The Pre displays HTML email from Exchange 2007 just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenoyster View Post
    The Pre displays HTML email from Exchange 2007 just fine.
    I have exchange 2007 and I don't get html email, The links are there but I don't have the formating and color as I do on GMail through the pre.
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    Beautiful HTML, just looking at a Costco email Ad via exchange.
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    Same problem. HTML email from Gmail looks fine, but my Exchange email does not format the HTML properly at all.
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    I find that my messages lose their formatting and revert to a larger annoying font when I reply or forward messages from my Exchange account on my Pre. I wish that it would retain the original formatting.

    Other Exchange grievances:

    I wish that I could see the text from someone's acknowledgment of my Exchange meeting invites.

    I wish that I could accept or decline a meeting invite with a text response or explanation rather than it just sending the decline and then I have to follow up with a separate email explaining why I declined the meeting.

    I wish that I could make an Exchange meeting invitation directly from the Calendar app without having to use OWA to do it.

    I wish that my recipient list didn't often include duplicate contact entries.

    I wish that I could fully delete the signature block rather than having to put a space or some other fill text to get rid of the "--Sent from my Palm Pre" signature. It adds too many extra lines to my messages and I end up manually deleting them.

    I wish that I knew how to remove the "Running late" standard message when sending a message to all invitees of an Exchange meeting.
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    I'm seeing this as well. I forwarded an email (that appears as HTML in Outlook 2007) to my gmail and it looks correct. However received from the Outlook server it' spews the links and words with no formatting. Really? I mean isn't this a f*'ing WEB phone? (And I know the culprit is likely EAS, but still...)
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    Has there been any update on this issue? Windows Live mail just opened the capability to use EAS and I switched over and now have the issue of HTML emails not displaying correctly. They displayed fine using POP but now with EAS HTML emails just don't display.
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    I also set up my hotmail as an Exchange account and ffirst wasn't happy to lose html so I started checking it via the browser which did use a mobile format, so I added it to the launcher. Then my hotmail account in my email app quit receiving any new emails, so they weren't "pushing" through. I gave up and removed the EAS set-up and reinstalled hotmail as POP. (I still like to use the browser to check my messages because I can get to all my folders whereas the app doesn't show them and there's apparently no way to add them to the setup.)
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    This is also happening to me. A sender is sending from his Yahoo email via an Android phone, my exchange email displays the html tags while if sent to my google or aol email, it displays just fine.

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