I have about 600 contacts on one Google account and about 3,000 on another Google account.

When composing a new email on the Pre, it often takes a really long time to populate the "to" field after typing the first few letters of a contact, often as long as 30 seconds or more. (I have my screen set to turn off after 30 seconds, so this is doubly annoying.)

At other times, the "to" field populates more quickly.

I have noticed also, that when accessing the contacts on the larger of my two Google accounts on the Web via a desktop computer, Google takes quite a while to display the contacts. The computer seems to hang before the contacts are displayed.

I'm wondering if when you are composing an email, does the Pre phone home to update the contact list?

Is my problem just because BOTH the Pre and Google choke on my large number of contacts?

Note: When searching for a contact via Universal Search, the Pre finds the person more quickly than when composing a new email.