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    Palm definitely underestimated the importance of syncing. Their effort feels half hearted. Right now I sync movies/music/pics with itunes -- contacts/calendar with google -- memos with missing sync. The weird part is none of them handle syncing 100% of the time. Each has their own issues. Since I'm a MAC owner my choices are limited. Its odd considering has put so much emphasis on itunes. You would think the majority of people with itunes also have Macs.

    The real problem is Palm decided to play the middle man instead of an innovating leader. Apple has its own ecosystem of hardware/software solutions that sync seamlessly. Google has a similar ecosystem with their software suite and cloud syncing no desktop solution. Windows has their own software solution too that syncs with windows desktop. Blackberry has their email stuff.

    I don't know where Palm fits into those already established systems.
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    Well Palm hoped to attract people like yourself who use iTunes, or those who do not realize there are much much better alternatives out there.

    I've heard great things about Banshee and Songbird from the Mac spectrum, both which I would assume have no problems with the Palm Pre, Apple is the only company which believe it has the power to restrict which USB devices its products sync with, rather than letting the user decide.

    On the PC side, iTunes is even worse, I can't imagine anyone actually using it. Windows Media Player is much better, and it takes alot to do worse than wmp.

    But anyway, there are always options, I see Palms interaction with iTunes to be an attraction, not to be useful but to attract attention to itself whenever the Monster in the room tries to force their dominance.

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