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    I've just noticed that when I create a calendar event on my Palm Pre using the default calendar, which is my Google Calendar, I am listed as an invitee when I go to Google Calendar in my broswer...

    So when I go to Calendar in my browser, the event has the little blue question mark icon next to it, and if I click on it, it asks me if I'm attending... Even though the email address which it shows next to the "Created by:" field is mine (obviously)..

    Does this happen to anyone else? It's really annoying being invited to my own events automatically, when clearly if I've created them myself I'm going to be going...

    See the attachment for an example (my email blanked out of course).
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    I've been having the same thing. Apparently, it does this for my main calendar, but not any "sub" calendars in Google (I have a "work" calendar, a "school" calendar, etc., in Google so that they show up in different colors).

    What's more annoying is that I was getting e-mail reminders from Google in addition to the calendar reminders on my phone - I finally found the setting in Google for "don't send reminders until I accept the invitation" and set that, but it's still ridiculous that it's happening. I do, however, suspect the issue is on Google's end, not Palm's end, and Google doesn't seem as enthusiastic about the WebOS/Google integration as I expected them to be from Palm's press releases and advertising. I don't expect a fix anytime soon.

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