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    hey guys and girls.

    If someone could help me out with this, it'd be fantastic.

    I have an @gmail account synced to my phone, and when I log into and my email and go into contacts it ONLY lists my email contacts, and not my telephone contacts.

    How can I send my Palm Pre PHONE contacts to my gmail contacts list on

    I would like to accomplish this because I'm going to need to put all 220 contacts on a blackberry and REALLY would like to do this without having to manual enter each one.

    A step by step would be awesome.

    When I go onto google sync's website, they don't list the palm as a compatible phone.. but I've been told by various people that this works.

    Anything would be fantastic
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    Could be wrong, but I think the problem is your default profile on your phone is likely the palm profile...because of this, the contacts you add don't automatically sync with google...not sure if there is a workaround for this...
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    Go to your contact preferences and set google to your default. Then sync and they should all appear on the gmail side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gage006 View Post
    Go to your contact preferences and set google to your default. Then sync and they should all appear on the gmail side.
    yes, but i don't think the contacts that are already in the phone will switch over to google...correct me if i'm mistaken
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    If the contacts were entered with the Palm Profile, there is no easy way to port them to Google contacts. Making Google your default will only affect future contacts you enter into the phone. There is a thread with a work around (you'll have to search for it; try convert palm profile contacts google -- or something like that). The solution is not for light weights as the patch still involves some user-side work. Good luck.
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    If the source of your 220 contacts is another phone (bberry, etc), the easiest thing to do is to take your PRe and your other phone to the Sprint store and have them pull the contacts from your Bberry and send them to your Pre. FIRST THOUGH, make sure that Google is your default account and NOT Palm. Once they do this, your contacts will sync to your Pre and Google.
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    There was a file that someone found in an earlier version of the WebOS called something like "data importer", i unfortunately don't remember the full name and don't have any idea if it was ever put to use - but I do know that it allowed you to import your contacts to google regardless of where they were entered.

    I agree it's a pain to have to sort your contacts from multiple sources.

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