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    our company recently strated using the palm pre for some of our workers to ensure mobile office connectivity. Our Mailsystem is not an exchange server we preffered using Mdaeon mailserver. IMAP works perfekt but syncronizing the contacts and calenders is a mission by using a google account to sync into from outlook and get it on the phone.

    Mdaemon provides syncml support and i would appreciate if palm or any thirdparty would devellop a syncml client for the plam pre.
    Mdaemom will only be able to use active sync over the air in the first quarter next year!

    Maybe you can help me cause i wasnt able to find a proper solution using syncml on our pre's.

    If you like you are welcome to contact me. <staff edit>

    Thank you very much for now
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    I just wanted to add to this (one message) thread to state, that sync-ml would really be nice -- if not even inevitable for a business-phone.
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    Still no syncml for webos :-(
    Hey Palm/HP ... remember? Palm and HP have once been for business people ...
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    I hope we see some syncml support after webOS 2.0 is released since it opens up synergy to developers.
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    I wanted to know if there is anything new on this topic?
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    Someone started working on something but I don't know the status.

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