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    Palm Pixi Twitter Q & A, Palm

    Palm Pixi Twitter Q & A
    Yesterday 19:51

    Thanks to all of you who were able to join today’s Twitter Q & A session with Phil McClendon, director of product marketing for Pixi. We received a lot of thoughtful questions from you and answered all that we could in an hour’s time. Here’s a summary of the session, slightly edited for better readability.

    Q: How does the battery life of the Pixi compare to the Pre? (From @HeyYolanda)
    A: Palm Pixi battery life is slightly better and actual use time varies by user. Check detailed specs here:

    Q: Can I use the same Palm profile with a Pre and a Pixi? (From @rawdeadfish)
    A: Yes, but not simultaneously.

    Q: I own a Centro. What would make me move to Pixi? (From @mjoterod)
    A: If you like the Centro form factor, Palm Pixi is a great way to have webOS.

    Q: Is there a noticeable performance difference between the Pixi and the Pre? And if so, what is it? (From @HenryLevak)
    A: Palm Pre has a slight edge in video playback performance.

    Q: Does Pixi have a strap loop? (From @imusicmash)
    A: You wanted it, you got it.

    Q: Will Pixi require an Everything Data plan? (From @sacherjj)
    A: Sprint will require an unlimited data plan for Palm Pixi.

    Q: Will the Pixi support all Pre features? Any new features that the Pre will not have? (From @jedwards7425)
    A: Check out the comparison chart at to view the similarities and differences between Palm Pixi and Pre.

    Q: Will the Pixi be water resistant? Rain always kills my phones!!!! (From @Elementkx)
    A: Our phones have to pass internal environmental testing.

    Q: Does that mean my Pre can be used in light rainy conditions? (@Elementkx)
    A: "Light rain" is awfully subjective. Best bet: keep in pocket.

    Q: No offense to the Pixi, I'm sticking with my Pre. (From @jennwhinnem)
    A: That's why we made them both!

    Q: Will the Pixi have the same app catalog as the Pre? (From @cmus0621)
    A: Yes, it'll have the same app catalog as Palm Pre.

    Q: Will the Pixi have flash capabilities at some point? (From @Feznando)
    A: Check out Adobe's announcement last month for details about Flash on Palm webOS: 100509AFPforMobileDevicesandPCs

    Q: Will the batteries between the Pre and Pixi be interchangeable? (From @aptjauder)
    A: Yes, the batteries are identical.

    Q: Are the artist backs exclusive to Pixi, or will we see them on other webOS phones? (From @colinmat)
    A: Palm Pixi-specific artist backs are exclusive.

    Q: Not being funny, but where did the name Pixi come from? (From @Donald007)
    A: If I told you it was an acronym, could you guess for what? (It isn't, but just want to see what you can come up with...)

    Q: Is a plain black Touchstone-compatible back available for the Pixi? (From @sacherjj)
    A: Yes, there will be one for Palm Pixi.

    Q: Was anything learned from launch of the Pre that made you reassess any specs of the Pixi? (From @azkevman)
    A: We’re always learning.

    Q: Besides keyboard slide-out, what's the difference between Pre and Pixi? (From @D_H3rd)
    A: Check out the comparison chart at to view the similarities and differences between Palm Pre and Pixi.

    Q: Are the plans for Pixi same as for Pre? (From @mahootzki)
    A: Yes, the rate plans are the same.

    Q: When will Pixi be released internationally? (From various Twitter followers)
    A: Sorry, no info on international Palm Pixi availability yet.

    Q: Does Sprint have an exclusivity deal on the Pixi? (From @Wrogi)
    A: Yes, Palm Pixi will launch exclusively on the Sprint network.

    Q: Now that webOS is taking off with Pre and Pixi, will the SDK be updated to allow access to the hardware? (From @929Fozz)
    A: Visit webOS dev at Welcome to webOSdev - Palm for more information.

    Q: The Pixi has two speakers located on the back. Are they stereo and do they sound better or worse compared to the Pre's one speaker? (From @Blayze04)
    A: Palm Pixi has two speaker vents, but one speaker.

    Q: Hey Phil, how exactly is the Pixi's processor and memory different from the Pre’s? Are you allowed to share the specs?
    A: Memory on Palm Pixi and Pre are the same, and Pixi is first handset to launch with Qualcomm's high-performance MSM7627™ chipset.

    Q: How much will the Pixi artist back plates cost? (From @gage006)
    A: Stay tuned!

    Q: If only the Pixi had Wi-Fi. (From @MikeDunzik)
    A: Sprint's CDMA network offers great coverage and bandwidth for its target customer for Pixi.

    Q: I know about the Facebook app, but what about MySpace? (From @Greg6493)
    A: MySpace has a great mobile web site, works well on the Palm webOS browser.

    Q: Love my Pre and planning on Nokia n900 for my wife but Pixi might be an option. U.K. availability? (From @MarkABaker)
    A: Keep her happy, move to U.S.

    Q: Is there any way to pre-order the Pixi? (From @J4mm1nJ03)
    A: You can sign up for notification so you'll remember to line up early on Nov. 15. --

    Q: Is the screen on the Pixi plastic or glass? (From @theblackmallard)
    A: To quote The Graduate, "One word...plastic."

    Q: Don’t forget your international customers please! We are a LOT! (@rtn79)
    A: We know you're out there and anxious for more!

    Q: Pre/Pixi coming to AT&T? If not, will there be unlocked GSM from Palm? (From @Lovedr81)
    A: Only announced plans for Palm Pixi is for Sprint in U.S.

    Q: Will there be a bigger battery for the Pixi and the Pre soon? (From Tsheeeep)
    A: We haven't announced any additional battery options.

    Palm: Palm Pixi Twitter Q & A | Facebook

    Palm Pixi processor specifications:
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