View Poll Results: What are the top three things you do on your Pre?

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  • Phone

    471 68.66%
  • Contact Management

    200 29.15%
  • Calendar / scheduling

    369 53.79%
  • Tasks

    58 8.45%
  • Memos

    50 7.29%
  • Email

    469 68.37%
  • Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc)

    141 20.55%
  • Messaging / IM

    296 43.15%
  • Listening to Music / Watching Video

    124 18.08%
  • Taking Pictures

    60 8.75%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    We are running a contest in conjunction with CompanionLink - they're giving away five copies of CompanionLink along with their RunStart Package - which means you can have a CompanionLink expert help you get CompanionLink all set up on your computer, syncing your info from day 1!

    To enter, simply vote on the poll above. Your vote will be visible and recorded so we can more easily pick the winner.

    Contest is open to US residents only (sorry). The contest ends this Friday, November 6th, at Noon eastern.
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    Missing"browse the web".
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    I put Phone, IM, and email, because I do those the most often, but calendar, memos, tasks, and content management are just as important to me. REALLY wish I could sync my memos in Mac Mail with my Pre...
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    Oooohhhh, free stuff. I like free stuff.
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    Surprised the social networking is soo low as it is right now, it feels soooo comfortable to do on the Pre than on the PC IMO.
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    going to give it a try. seems like a good product, to replace some of the missing functionality that the Pre has. I used the memos on my old pre but w/o a syncing solution I have not been using them as much. would like to clean up my contacts but I dont want to do it on the phone 500+ contacts transfer from every phone since the treo600. A good desktop client is needed and will be well recieved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drizek View Post
    Missing"browse the web".
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    Quote Originally Posted by drizek View Post
    Missing"browse the web".
    I Agree...
    My HTC Evo Is Great...
  9. rpankoe's Avatar
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    Would be nice to not have to plug in the USB cable though.. If this worked over the WiFi or Bluetooth, that'd be great.
  10. paulthing's Avatar
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    I have used it to sync with groupwise and it works great. I only have about 5 or 6 meetings that I would like to sync so I do not think I am going to spead the $40. If I had a lot more meeting I think it would be worth the money.
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    Great contest!
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  12. rattical's Avatar
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    always wanted this but the Google free sync worked well enough for the money, now an opportunity for free, YEA!!
  13. ksumanth's Avatar
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    Jumped on it!!!
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    Here is my review on this program taken from app store:
    UPDATE: Their tech support emailed back w/in 1.5 days and by Friday they will have update given to palm that will resolve all my issues with memos!!!
    OLD REVIEW: Wanted for their memo app since built in web os memo app is slow loading w/900 memos & has no categories carried over from outlook...
    1. problem is that this app has a long list of memos in given category... but here you must swipe past 500 memos in the category to get to new memo at bottom of list you added most recently...needs to put recent memos at top instead of bottom.
    2. Also no searching of memos to help either like old palm OS had.

    I use memos to store lots of random info I may some day want to search for for steps I took to fix air conditioner or generator or car or how much siding went on my house & how long it took to install etc. I found myself using memos lots in old palm os...I am glad at least I can begin using & adding to them now in Classic which can sync them to outlook for safe keeping & syncing to my wife's pre
  15. donjay56's Avatar
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    Free is for me
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    ohhh, syncing for free
  17. GigaS27's Avatar
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    Yay i'm in.
    Sprint Palm Pre-
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    free is very NICE
  19. Tmac923's Avatar
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    email, messaging, calendar (which isn't the Pre' strong point). Hopefully this next update will bring email/calendar VCal support for accepting appointments, faster calendar with search. Also, the email client isn't very efficient for the pull mail servers, at least IMO. My POP mail has about thirty per day at home, and my Pre usually picks up about three or four of those set at 15 minutes.
  20. Tmac923's Avatar
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    my fourth choice would have been the phone (which is also in need for a speed update). It is very laggy when switching from another app to answer a call.
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