View Poll Results: What are the top three things you do on your Pre?

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  • Phone

    471 68.66%
  • Contact Management

    200 29.15%
  • Calendar / scheduling

    369 53.79%
  • Tasks

    58 8.45%
  • Memos

    50 7.29%
  • Email

    469 68.37%
  • Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc)

    141 20.55%
  • Messaging / IM

    296 43.15%
  • Listening to Music / Watching Video

    124 18.08%
  • Taking Pictures

    60 8.75%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. cjsteele's Avatar
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    definitely web browsing also.
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    I actually do "all the above" but ticked what I do most *on* the Pre. G'luck to all.
  3. Deeder's Avatar
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    Canít seem to get company e-mail working with exchange server, and phone only syncs with web based e-mail.
    At least the palm desk top would let you take you last 50 e-mails on the road with you for reference.
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    I use it for most of the list. I don't listen to music or watch videos. And I have a high end DSLR for pictures that is with me most of the time.
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    Finished voting, I hope I win!!!
  6. Domingan's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmac923 View Post
    my fourth choice would have been the phone (which is also in need for a speed update). It is very laggy when switching from another app to answer a call.
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    I browse the internet a lot but its not an option
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    Contact Management was a very close fourth to social networking. The main reason I didn't choose it is that with the Pre, I'm not doing much "management", just letting the device do it's thing.

    I've long since abandoned Tasks and Memos, waiting for a solution that truely integrates them in a usable way for me.
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    Top 3 was hard. I have a Pre because at least 6 are very important, 3 others somewhat important!
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    My fourth choice is "Music" ... I need music to sooth my nerves be it driving or working...etc.I dont see how talking on phone constantly while driving makes for a productive day to me.It just adds to the stress factor in my book
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    I voted.

    This would sooo increase my productivity. Thanks.
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    If "Web Browsing" was a choice, it would've been my 1st...
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    Well not only does Web Browsing not show up, but what about some of the other Apps we are using like FindMYCar (which I love when you go to a larger event like I did at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta last month).

    However back to sync with Outlook over USB Ė hmmmmmm what happen to the idea of no cables and WiFi? I am fine with the cost of $40 or so, but no WiFi sync guys letís get real here. If I can drag and drop using WinSCP and SFTP over WiFi then sync over WiFi should be possible.

    Footnote: Palm, this should real be a standard coming with the phone!
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    This is a great idea, I currently just copy and paste all my files from the Pre to my PC once a week, it's aritual. Other than my contacts being saved via the daily back up, I like this feature to do it via USB, this way my wife can see my calendar and know where I am and perhaps schedule more stuff for me (I am a wrestling referee, they call me for assignments all the time, my wife does not have my calendar), this would defenitely help me get more stuff much easier! I have my email checking on a minute to minute basis, I needs this!! HOOK ME UP!

    WAY TO GO COMPANIONLINK!!! (little brown suger on me, hold one, let me wipe dat!
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    I chose Phone, Calendar and E-mail for the Poll. However, I also heavily rely on Memos and Contacts. I used to regularly use ToDo Lists, but find it completely lacking on the Pre.
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    browse the web would have been number one had it been there!!!
  17. corpx's Avatar
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    Sync me.
  19. sjcdal's Avatar
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    Also left out...NAVIGATION

    Nav is really great.

    But I am kinda hoping Google will make their new nav with street view available on the Pre. (or maybe Telenav will incorporate this using the Google data?)
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    A "play games" choice was also left out, though that would not have been near my top 3. Hopefully this will change as Palm eventually gets updated video drivers and a way to engage the full capabilities of the phone's hardware.
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