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    today i was trying to upload a photo to facebook and it wasnt working. i tried logging in and it said my username/password was incorrect, and it definitly wasnt. so i decided to delete the facebook account on my pre and re-add it. it still didnt connect but i dont think it gave me the incorrect password message. so i decided to abandon the upload, whatever.

    what really is making me mad though is that after deleting that, all my facebook contacts are gone. i cannot get them to resync back onto my phone. i tried going to contacts preferences and clicking my facebook account. it gave me a login screen with my email already typed in and at the bottom it says 0 contacts. when i type in my password and hit save, it just returns to the contact preference page and nothing happen. now my friend list just has a few contacts from my old phone, and a million AIM buddy screen name. i really dont even want those s/n's on there. is this just a facebook conectivity issue, or is it my phone specifically? i dont know how to fix this.

    o, and yes i did hit the sync contacts button.

    EDIT: i tried everything and then i just decided to partial reset my phone, everything is working now, although i still havnt checked the facebook upload thing.
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