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    I have a serious problem with contacts. I have a google account with about 1,200 contacts and I have about 600 LinkedIn contacts. Both are configured on my Palm.

    One contact has 200+ contacts linked to it (there several contacts like this). I try to call one person, but it shows someone elses name and yet another person's photograph.

    I have a clean Palm Pre that I just doctored to 1.2.1. No hacks, homebrew, etc.
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    It seems to just be a huge error in the webOS.

    I had 2400 contacts through Google. There were several with 100 or more contacts linked to them. None of them should have been linked together.

    One had 450 contacts linked to it. I called Sprint and Palm repeatedly. They tried blaming Google so I exported and did them with Companionlink. Same exact problems. Companionlink knew all about the problem and said it had nothing to do with Google, Linkedin, Exchange, as Palm was claiming.

    I finally reached someone at Palm who said that if you don't have more than 1,000 contacts at most and better yet under 500, the Pre should work.

    I paired the list to 1,500 and no luck. 1,000 still had dozens linked together. I got under 500 and the problem vanished.

    Just because I am a nerd, I tried a different set of 500 contacts and another and none had the linkage problems.

    I have kept under 500 and it has been great.

    Just cut back from 1,200 to 500 clients and you will be all set!

    - Craig

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