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    @mea: Chapura does a two-way sync. So if you add or update a contact on either side, then it adds or updates the other side when you sync. It does only work in their "Outlook" account though. Things in the "Palm" account do not sync.
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    Seconded: "I want to have an icon on the launcher screen for the Notes section of PocketMirror." Also, I want to have a launcher icon for PocketMirror Tasks. Maybe call them "PM Notes" and "PM Tasks" for brevity.
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    Thanks for the suggestion on how to avoid the two day - all day events. Did you have to painfully edit all your birthdays one by one? or is there a quick fix? I looked but could not find.
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    Rey - I had the same probelm with the all days. It was fixed in the 2.0 update.

    Now if 1.3.5 will really come out today i will be a happy camper.
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    Sweet! Hadn't even noticed.
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    I have mailed chapura-support for some issues lately and they emailed me
    If you go to the home screen on the Pre where all of the applications
    you installed are shown, scroll down in the should see our To
    Do and Memos applications listed.
    I have mailed them that I don't find such icons in pre-launcher
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    I got another mail from chapura-support:
    I apologize for the confusion. We have submitted launcher apps to palm
    for release with the 2.0 update of our software. For some reason they
    posted our 2.0 update, but they have yet to post our launchers.
    I will get back to you when they post our launchers so that you can have
    direct access to our tasks and notes applications on the Pre without
    having to open PocketMirror on the Pre.
    Once again I apologize for the mix-up.
    so there's still hope ...
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    quick question...

    will the notes launcher support font formatting? I used WordSMith heavily and as a result my notes have formatting in them. The homebrew CLASSICNOTE supports this and i am able to see the underline/bold/italics.

    WIll the POcketmirror notes launcher do the same?

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    No formatting in Pocket Mirror. It makes sense, since Outlook notes does not allow for formatting, so if you had formatting on the handheld, it wouldn't sync with Outlook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChasT View Post
    OK guy's, help me out here.

    How reliable is this method of syncing ?

    Currently I use Outlook Express for my emails, and Palm Desktop for all my PIM's.

    I'm struggling to find a way to sync between PD and my Pre. CompanionLink USB was looking good, but it does not play well at the 2-way sync game.

    I've always held off Outlook, even though it's bunded in with my Office package, as historically OE and PD worked ok for me.

    So 3 questions.

    1) Are you REALLY happy with PocketMirror for 2 way syncs.
    2) Is it easy for me to transfer my data from Palm Desktop to Outlook.
    3) Will I find Outlook an easy replacement for my OE & PD.

    PS I'm still using my Treo680 to 'maintain' a safe backup, and I good at tinkering with software setup
    Thanks for asking the very question I wanted to ask!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboTiger View Post

    I waited years before moving from OE and PD to Outlook. Once I went to Outlook I was sorry I didn't do it sooner.

    Having all the PIMs and emails on one screen is great. If fact, syncing directly to Outlook is the main reason I haven't embraced the cloud and the Pre.

    Good Luck
    I switched to Outlook so I wouldn't have to sync in the Cloud. Thank you for reassuring me that it all works!
    Still have my Treo 650 just in case something goes horribly wrong tho!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NurseLisa View Post
    Thanks for asking the very question I wanted to ask!
    And to answer my own questions, now that I've done it, Yes, Yes & Yes.

    I cannot recommend PocketMirror for webOS highly enough. I has not let me down once.

    The only thing on my Wish List now is that they implement 2-way syncing, so that I can sync my Pre with two computers. I'd pay double for that, but don't let Chapura read that
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    I'd like support for multiple Outlook calendars, myself. But aside from that, it's great.
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    Happy PM users, please lend me your ears (or eyes). I've finally picked up a Pre and I'm trying to sync Outlook 2007 contacts, calendar, tasks and memo. I followed the PM install instructions but my Pre can't seem to locate my home laptop. PM can "verify accounts" but gets stuck on "locating desktop." I get the Firewall Blocking Access notice (FW and/or antivirus appears to be blocking access to PC). I've tried turning off my router's (D-Link DIR-655) fw, XP Home's fw, Kaspersky and Spyware Doctor, separately and all together. I've also tried uninstalling/reinstalling PM on laptop & Pre, port forwarding on my router, using another router (Netgear WGT624), looking at competing product's setup and even testing out Echo. Nothing's working. Tech support has been disappointing - giving my suggestions that I've already tried. I prefer local sync so cloud is not an option. From what I've read, I "think" PM is a better fit for me than Classic or CampanionLink's product but I'm almost at the point of trying another product. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I'm surprised that Chapura support have not been able to fix your problem

    Lets try the basics, Right Click on Chapura SyncManager, which should be sitting in the Windows TaskBar bottom right.

    Click "Settings"

    Click the Sync Service Tab. Does your PC Name box have your Pc name in it?
    My port is set to Random.

    I'm assuming the User Information Tab is OK, as the info in there is responsible for passing the "verify accounts" stage.

    Have you sent a copy of the Sync Log to Chapura? Is there much in the log?
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    ChasT - Thanks for replying. I was hoping your suggestion about the PC name would solve my problem since the name is correct in the SyncMgr but it's all caps. I made the change in SM but still got the same problem. Yes, port is on "Random."

    I'm on my third tech support person (been 3 days). This new person has "escalated" my issue. I've emailed the logs from my laptop and Pre. The logs weren't very helpful with "Firewall and/or antivirus program appears to be blocking...."

    Plan B: I've started looking at CompanionLink for WebOS.

    Thanks for your input.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slowadopter View Post

    Plan B: I've started looking at CompanionLink for WebOS.

    Thanks for your input.
    I tried CompanionLink first.

    I could not get their support to fully explain the sync'ing process, which was needed as I kept losing data when doing a sync.

    The process would take a minimum of 5 minutes to sync by USB and then update the db on the Pre.

    The same process takes about 15 seconds with PocketMirror.

    I would suggest turning off all Firewalls, Anti Virus, Anit Spyware etc for a very short period so that you can see if one of them is blocking PM. A risky thing to do, but not a big risk if you only do it for one minute
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    Thanks for the heads-up on CL's speed and data loss. I'll definitely monitor that. I prefer PM over CL but at this point I'll be happy with just a working connection b/t the Pre and the laptop.

    Sadly, I've tried turning off EVERYTHING twice this morning, with 2 different routers, and still got no connection.

    Update (2010-02-12): With the patient help by Will H. from the Chapura Support team, my sync problem is solved! WiFi and BT both sync work flawlessly. It turned out to be an old WiFi driver conflicting with an installed VPN client. I would have given up on PocketMirror and try something else if it hadn't been for Will. PocketMirror has turned out to be exactly what I hoped for - reliable wireless synchronization b/w Outlook and Pre.

    ChasT - You're right about the blazing fast sync update!
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