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    i am wondering

    i have been using palm profile as the main calendar for personal use. but now i want to sync with outlook calendar on my computer with pocket mirror. i tried it but it set up a new outlook profile and synced what was on my desktop and its now a new color on my phone.

    i want to sync my calendar that is blue under palm profile. since i have been using it since the beginning for appointments.

    can i do that? tell pocket mirror to sync the palm profile to outlook? or am i screwed and have to trasnfer everything back to outlook and deleted palm calendar and only use outlook one from now on?

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    I know that PocketMirror will not transfer your info from the Palm Profile, in fact I haven't yet seen any app that does this. Hopefully in the future, Palm will add an option to copy info between profiles/accounts.

    I waited before loading anything since I knew it was only a matter of time before Outlook sync would be available.

    You might have to bite the bullet on this one.
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    If it's just a matter of changing your colors, open your calendar, tap the upper left-hand corner to get to the "Preferences and Accounts" line, then go down to "Calendar View Options". You can change colors there.
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    colors isnt a real issue, its getting my palm profile appts to the outlook syncing so i can eliminate the palm desktop use.

    i also notice the contacts seem to take forever to sync and neber completes

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