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    does anyone elses not working right? Mine is displaying all new posts out of order,and i've tried everything.
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    I was just about to make a new thread but my title would have been harsher.
    just how pathetic are the facebook options for this phone??. It blows the mind. Not only did palm drop the ball with a launch app, the mobile site is totally useless. Utter rubbish.

    and for all the haters, going to the full facebook site defaults to this new without an option to see the full site.

    epic facebook fail ftl
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    Actually they changed Facebook..your News Feed is not chronological anymore, it will include the Most Popular posts in there for you...I read it somewhere on Engadget
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    Do you have a link? , i know on the full site there is "news feed" and "live feed"
    it lookes like the mobile site is now defaulting to the "news feed" whichis just a summary.
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    I am using for now. I prefer the full site, but until they fix the problem, at least I get my live feed.
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    I suggest everyone send facebook an issue email from your computer. This doesn't look like a normal feature but more like a bug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pauliedubz View Post
    Actually they changed Facebook..your News Feed is not chronological anymore, it will include the Most Popular posts in there for you...I read it somewhere on Engadget
    Yeah, I'm getting ready to dump facebook. While it was nice getting in touch with old friends, the novelty wears off after awhile. That, plus the fact that facebook insists on forcing very stupid interface changes several times a year is very annoying. As soon as you get used to the change, they change it again.
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    Indeed. this current change is just confusing and non-sensical. And to add injury to insult, they don't even update their mobile site to reflect these new UI changes.
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    From TechCrunch:

    facebook has just announced that it is beginning to roll out a modified version of its homepage that incorporates the ‘Highlights’ section into the News Feed. You’ll now be able to jump between two different versions of the feed: the Live Feed, which displays your friends’ updates in real-time, and the News Feed, which displays the top items your friends have posted over the last few days (these generally are the most commented on/Liked stories).

    The new design is a compromise between the ‘old’ News Feed, which used algorithms to present stories Facebook thought you’d find interesting, and the feed Facebook rolled out back in March that consisted of a Twitter-like stream of recent updates. Since this year’s redesign Facebook has used the ‘Highlights’ section at the right hand side of the screen to present items you may have missed, but this was never an ideal solution: for one, you couldn’t see your friends’ comments on these posts, and the small space afforded to Highlights made it easy to pass over.

    Today’s change will make the Highlights section redundant, so it will be removed (everything below it will also be shifted higher on the page, which means the ‘Birthdays’ and ‘Events’ sections will no longer be buried). Facebook’s post also notes that the News Feed will include more events, including when your friends become fans of Pages, add friends, or RSVP to an event.
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    Yeah pretty much, SUCKS big time, cant check half of the notifications, and you cant go BACK
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    Yea, is the inability to go back a facebook thing or a WebOS thing?? major fail
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    You can still access the full site if you want. Go to as opposed to just
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    I would have to agree, i am not a fan of and i am not a fan of FriendsFlow, i hope that soon, we get a good FB app on the pre.
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    Who "owns" It seems to me that it must be facebook itself no? If they are going to roll out a change like this it seems ludicrous that they would do such without every client being able to handle it.

    Somehow when I open, I just don't really want to see the same thread from two weeks ago at the top of the list!! In fact how can they decide what is popular for me, I think I can do that just fine myself.
  16. #16 aka is not terrible, the interface is pretty good. BUT any updates made via apps will not be displayed such as via Blackberry, via Android, via FriendFlow, etc. which really limits it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wkalam2 View Post
    You can still access the full site if you want. Go to as opposed to just
    this worked nicely for me, thanks.
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    There are lots of Facebook options.

    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook (seems to be the best for the Pre at the moment)
    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook (right now is being redirected to Welcome to Facebook | Facebook)
    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook (really simple, fast)
    Facebook (fast, better than "m" in my opinion)
    and of course...
    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook (Works basically fine on the Pre, but the tool bar floats around and you may need to enter Login | Facebook)

    Any others?
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    Sorry, first post with links. Seems I need to do a little learning to make it easier for everyone.
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    I was wondering if this had something to do with our os or if it was a facebook thing. Looks like its a facebook thing. Really disappointed in this new format....Everything is out of order lol how is that a "live feed"

    Yet another question of mine answered in these forums, thanks guys.
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