I do NOT have capacity to use Wi-Fi to sync my old Treo (755p) Outlook data to my Pre.

Having said this, I purchased my Pre earlier this week and am very frustrated getting my calendar and memos/notes from my desktop. I need to either use a cable to sync or via one of the general (and user-friendly) methods. I purchased the Mark/Space sync program, but got NO support (nor response) and struck out. I was able to use a new g-mail account to get my calendar updated on the Treo. But I'm very frustrated in my attempts to get my Memos/Notes from Outlook into my pre. Got Evernote..Too complicated...Tried sending through g-mail; Got an error message that the attachments (i.e., the notes) were unreadable.

Can someone suggest an easy way to resolve this. I'm far from a technophile and really just want a simple way to get my data that was easily accessable on my old Treo to the Pre.

Thanx in advance to anyone who can provide some ideas!