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    hi guys,

    i have had my pre for a few days now and starting to get to grips with it.

    Ive just synced loads of music from itunes along with a few pod casts and videos.

    i can play the pod casts and the music but cannot find the videos anywhere. they are not under the video menu - this is where the pod casts are.

    can anyone suggest where they may be or where else to look?

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    If the video files are protected files (purchased from iTunes), they will appear to transfer to the Pre when syncing with iTunes, but they won't actually transfer and you won't be able to play them on the Pre. You can only play non-protected videos on the Pre.
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    only certain videos will transfer and they have to be DRM-free, otherwise the Pre won't play it. They should be under videos. I would recommend using Doubletwist for media sync. it tends to work better and it has the same layout of iTunes. I used it to move over my videos from itunes and they all sync'd perfectly except for the old ones I purchased from iTunes with DRM protection.

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