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    Quote Originally Posted by taalibeen View Post
    I'm not sure what you're talking about, the new is awesome!

    I can see events, fotos, save fotos, make comments on statuses, look at events.

    I'm really not understanding why you say you can't do these things, and I can!
    Well until it has FB Chat integrated into it. Its useless to me!
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitesmoke33 View Post
    just set the web browser to h**p://

    i used the ** instead of tt so that precentral would not convert it to a link
    Thanks! That page works with also. I bookmarked it. Lets hope they don't screw us sgain!
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    The x. (or touch.) site looks prettier than the m. site, but lacks quite a bit of the functionality. Specifically the ability to view/make comments on pictures. I can't belive I can get a notification on the touch. site that someone has commented on a photo of mine, but I can see that same comment. ha

    Thankfully, adding the "/home.php" to the bookmark has allowed me to get back to the m. site and the main site. I will be more than happy to check out the touch. version again when the functions I need are added.

    The only positive is that it's obvious that Facebook has added recognition for the Pre browser. For many sites that have a great iPhone/iTouch interface set up, it will be nice if they add this recognition too.
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    now the "h**p" workaround doesn't work!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImmaSlave4U View Post
    now the "h**p" workaround doesn't work!!
    The h**p workaround is for the forum, NOT facebook!

    The workaround for facebook is to add /home.php to the end of the facebook URL
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    Does anyone have another workaround?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krazy57wagon View Post
    Does anyone have another workaround?
    I have the following URL bookmarked and it brings up the full facebook site:

    w w

    Had to add spaces between the w's so that the URL would show. If that's what you are using, I'm not sure why it isn't working.
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    anyone know how to access again...the "/home.php" works for the full site, but not m.fb....anysuggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chichi View Post
    I was going to create a post about this but might as well keep this going and bumping it! I should be able to have a CHOICE in which site i got to and not have to be automatically redirected to another site! if i type in it should go there, not because that IS NOT what I typed! who are you to force me to a site I didnt choose to go to? I use FB chat alot and untill its on the other site its useless to me! I should not have to type the full HTTP but thanks to whitemsoke at least I have a way to acces FB Chat!
    This is not a function of the device (directly). The web site operators look for certain information from the browser, and redirect based on that information.
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