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    I'm running the latest version of iTunes ( and while iTunes opens up when I put my Pre in Media Sync mode, the Pre does not show up in iTunes. I have since deleted all my music from the Pre in an attempt to put it all back on using iTunes, but I can't get iTunes to read the Pre, let alone ANY other players (such as Songbird or Winamp). I used doubletwist, but the program doesn't let me do a lot of things I want to be able to do, and I can do these things with iTunes and Songbird, but neither of them read my Pre. They used to before, but all of a sudden, they both stopped reading... What can I do?

    Also, why doesn't Palm just release a music manager of it's own?! You'd think with a great interface to play music on the Pre, they would release a good software made by Palm to work just for Pre...
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    Try an older version of Itunes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by oddlou View Post
    Try an older version of Itunes?
    I could..but I use the store a lot, so can I still access the iTunes Store in an older version of iTunes? And does anyone have a download link for an older version, maybe just 9.0.0...

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