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    I am having problems with the Gmail syncing with my pre (1.1.3) it all sets up fine however I then get an error saying "download of the message body times out, system will try later"

    I googled this and found the asite with an apparent fix however it does not work with 1.1.3 (the fix was to take the battery off the phone for a few seconds and then re-attach)

    anyone know of anything I can do?

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    I have the exact same problem. I've set the gmail address up as an exchange account, downloads the message headers but gives "download of the message body times out, system will try later" when I try and read an email. Also UK on 1.1.3
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    Some problem in Germany with 1.1.3. I also flashed the Sprint 1.2.1, but that didn help!
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    I'm with o2 and my Gmail syncing is working fine.
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    hi, it work syncs with Gmail fine however if you set up the email using google push I.E you set it up as an exchange server so your emails are pushed to you in real time then you will find that there is a glitch, you get notifed that you have am email however you get a server timed out message each time you try and read it.

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