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    I love the whole Synergy thing on the Pre, but my problem is that i have over 3500 friends on facebook.
    i use it more like a website for myself as I'm in showbiz, so the last thing I wanted on my Pre was 3000 contacts I didn't actually know on top of the 2000 or so genuine contacts I have, slowing down my pre.
    It slowed down my pre so much that I had to wipe the phone and start again with another 'cloud' with a new email address.

    Is there a way i can still use the Facebook app for just chosen contacts?
    At the moment I'm too scared to use the Facebook app, because my phone will be flooded again, but my contacts now look really boring without the updated pictures etc
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    There is no facebook app, it's just the mobile website. You can use that freely without it loading up your contacts. Just don't add your facebook account under contacts.

    At the moment there is no way to selectively choose which facebook contacts are added. Maybe make a separate private account?
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    So can i sign into my Facebook on my Pre WITHOUT it then flooding all those contact onto my phone?
    how did all those contacts get on there in the first place then?
    i'm confused
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    Don't add your Facebook account in your contact app. You can go to Facebook's webpage or use other apps to interact with Facebook. You must have added it to your mail or contact when Pre shows it as an option under contact. So don't press any button without thinking or reading about what it does.
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    Once you remove the account from your contacts (top left menu on your contact screen->preferences and accounts->select facebook account and hit 'remove account') you can get a very nice facebook experience on your phone by navigating to in your browser which makes it very app-like, or you can always use the 'full' version of the web site through the browser if you dont mind panning around and such.
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    Ahhhhh! got it! thanx guys!
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    Are you the real Gina? I remember you from LCS.
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    palm's **** poor attempt at synergy....outdone by android and blackberry. maybe they'll fix it someday

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