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    I hope this hasn't been discussed (or worse, just common knowledge I should know) but is there a way to import calendar items I enter on my pre into google calendars? I use google calendars a lot but when I'm on the go I'll be inputting events on the spot onto my pre. I'd like to just import these into google calendars rather than manually going through and typing them in. Help?
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    In your Calendar app on the Pre, select "Preferences & Accounts" from the upper left menu. Then select "Add Account" if your Google Calendar is not already there. Assuming that your Google Calendar is listed, set it as your Default Calendar.

    Now, every calendar event you enter on your Pre will automatically be added to your Google Calendar too. This is what "Synergy" is all about.
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    I have been able to sync my calendar with my google account. On my computer, the google calendar has "sports dates" as well as American holidays. I am seeing the holidays on my pre after synchronization but I have been unable to figure out how to get the special dates on my Pre.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Sports calendars appear to be a particular type of Google calendar animal that are not supported yet by the Pre calendar. They don't show up on my Pre calendar either.

    There are work-arounds you could try, like copying those events to another "regular" Google calendar that you create or something like that. But I don't care enough about having those things on my calendar to experiment with it. If you figure something out, let the rest of us know.
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    Thank you for the response. It turns out that in the precentral news today a sports calendar app became available. The free version offers a truncated list of sports-mostly NFL, NBA, MLB etc. I was interested in the college schedules which appear in my google calendar but I suppose I can enter them manually.

    If you just enter the schedules on the computer next to the existing automatic entries, they will sync with the pre.
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    Got it.

    If you select specialty events, or other calendar dates that are offered within the google calendar online, just select the event, select copy to my calendar and save.

    The next time you sync the calendar to the pre the exact event will be placed on the phone calendar.

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