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    I did a search for GooSync and surprisingly did not find anything pertaining to the e-mail I received. After reading this it appears as if I will now need to pay for this. Is this something I will need to pay for to receive sync's for my google calendar or does this sync come from Palm?

    Here is the e-mail.....

    We would like to politely remind you of the pending service changes to GooSync taking place on Monday 19th October. As of Monday the current free GooSync service will be discontinued as previously announced. This now only leaves 3 days in order to upgrade your account for continued, uninterrupted use. For full details regarding this and the options available to you please see below:

    Free version of GooSync to be discontinued

    Since the first release of GooSync back in early 2007 GooSync has gone from strength to strength. Both the Premium and Free versions of GooSync have become market leaders in the over-the-air synchronization market. We have shown our continued commitment to our users over the years with a new infrastructure, further product development and enhanced support services.

    We are also now happy to report that version 2.1 is now ready for release. Features from this new version will soon be rolled into the Premium version of GooSync. We also have 3 further updates planned for release over the next 9 months.

    It has always been our goal to provide a professional service to all Free and Premium users. Given the exponential demand for GooSync over the last 12 months, it has become increasingly more difficult to continue this high level of service to both Premium and Free users.

    It is therefore, with regret, that we are now discontinuing our Free service. For all of you that have come to love and rely on our free offering, we will be migrating the Free GooSync service into a new product “GooSync Lite”. This new lite version of GooSync will have all the same features as the existing free version.

    The Free version will become unavailable and synchronization will be suspended on Monday 19th October. To continue benefiting from all the great features of GooSync you will be able to purchase GooSync Lite for a yearly fee of just £5.99 (approx $10). We are confident that this is priced very competitively and will allow us to continue to offer the professional level of service and support you have come to expect.

    Alternatively you can upgrade to our GooSync Premium service. This allows full contact syncing with contact backup, multiple Google calendars with appointments up to 365 days in advance, appointment attendees, task synchronization, multiple device support, AutoSync and iGoogle gadgets. Also included will be GooSync’s new features from version 2.1, such as Google contact group synchronization.

    GooSync Premium is available for as little as £19.95 per year, £29.95 for a two year subscription or a lifetime option for £39.95.

    We hope you continue to use GooSync and we look forward to working with you in the future.

    All upgrade options are available to purchase on-line at:


    The GooSync Team.
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    are you using this in Classic?
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    Nope. I am using Google Calendar. Just syncing it to the Pre, and vice versa.
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    GooSync is nothing to do with the Pre. It's a separate product. Did you perhaps use it on an old phone you had? I used to use it for syncing my Google stuff with my Windows Mobile phones.

    But no, this is not related to the Pre at all and the Google syncing feature of Synergy is NOT going to be affected by this. GooSync is a third-party app and service.

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    Excellent! Thanks for the responses and savings..... I was very close to paying, thinking I would no longer be able to sync my calendars.

    To my knowledge I have never used GooSync in the past. Kinda wondering why I am getting these e-mails.

    Thanks again
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    does the name of the service disturb anyone else??
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    Goosync is obsolete on the Pre, thanks to Palm's Synergy. I got the same email, and used this service to sync my calendars to my 700p and my wife's 755p. Its a great service, but no longer needed.

    GooSync's name does sound kinda weird.
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    I received this e-mail as well (but was using the service). The e-mail was a big bummer... as my significant other still uses GooSync for her centro... I don't think we'll be paying for the service.

    Good bye GooSync.

    - Like everyone else said add your g-mail to your calendar list and the Pre will sync w/o a problem.
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