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    I'm currently syncing my Treo 755 with Organizer 6.1. I don't want to get a Pre until I can do the same with the Pre. Does anyone know if there is an app for syncing the Pre with Lotus Organizer. I need to transfer all of my contacts/calendar/notes to the Pre.
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    It's not going to work for you. I was in the same boat.

    I opened a Google account, created a Calendar (several, actually. This is a major improvement once you get your head around it.). I exported all my info from Organizer. Calendar to an ICS file and contacts to a VCF and imported them into my new Google contact/calendar. Set up the phone to sync w/Google (EASY!) and I've never looked back. I use Thunderbird/Lightning on my computer now and it just all works fine. Everything synchs with the Google account automatically so I have the info without ever pushing a synch button. Organizer and Smartsuite were great, but Approach is now all that I use from that package.
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    Thanks for the reply. Were you able to also sync your anniversary dates?
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    I am able to get Anniversarys and birthdates to show up on the calendars but not in an individuals contact, for some reason.

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