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    New Pre user here, but no stranger to IT.

    Is it possible to just sync my exchange calendar and email?

    I use exchange at work and would love to be able to access my calendar and email from my pre. However, I have hundreds of contacts on exchange for work, and I dont have any need for them to be crowding the contacts on my pre.

    Is this possible?

    Thanks guys..

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    I recall that you can establish the Exchange account with email, which includes Contacts and Calendar, then you delete the Exchange contacts account separately.

    Maybe someone else can someone verify this - - -
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    I was pretty sure that I attempted this. When removing the exchange contacts account it removed exchange completely from the phone.
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    Same here. There is still a workaround for your problem: Pre only syncs your standard contacts folder, no self-created contact folders. You could move your business contacts to a new folder and sync with your Pre afterwards --> no contacts will copy from your Exchange to your phone.

    But than again you need to tell Outlook in which folder to lookup contacts...

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