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    Quote Originally Posted by Techiguy View Post
    Companionlink DOES NOT WORK with the Incredible... Every time I try to sync, it fails and tech support says they will call back with an answer and they never do.
    With INCREDIBLE, some phones shipped without an SD Card. So you need to go to a phone or camera store, buy a 1GB or 2GB SD card, slip it into the phone. Then sync works. This is a byproduct of Android OS and an HTC decision to bypass standard functions.

    With the memory card, INCREDIBLE Sync with CompanionLink works smoothly for all users.

    I apologize that it took us 4-5 days to figure out why some users could not sync when a majority of INCREDIBLE users could. It turns out that some phones shipped with SD Cards and others did not.

    In any case, situation solved. I apologize my staff didn't know what you needed on the first day the phone came out.

    Wayland Bruns, CTO
    CompanionLink Software, Inc.
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    Features expected:
    1. Support Synchronization via Bluetooth
    2. Support Synchronization via WIFI

    Problem found:
    * After synchronizing contact from Outlook 2010 to pre, the picture of contact is very small and blur. Is there any way to make the picture clearer in the contact of pre.
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    Hello, CL,

    I've been using your CL for Google to sync my Outlook (Outlook-->Google-->Pre & vice versa) Calendar and Contacts successfully for many months.

    My question is: do you now have an update so we can sync Tasks, Notes, Word Documents, Photos, etc.? I would like one solution--either via the cloud or USB, but it would be OK to do Tasks & Notes via the cloud automatically and files via USB every once in a while.

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