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    So i returned my pre today because I was tired of having my phone do the wiggly thing (Where it rotates like an oreo cookie) LOL

    and when i started signing in to my new phone and syncing my IM i came to realise YAHOO IM was part of the list included with GOOGLE IM and AIM.

    My best friend also has a palm pre and his phone is updated all the way to 1.2.1
    and he checked to add an account to his Messaging App. but it wasnt available in his phone.

    Did my phone get it by mistake!? a leak with the new pre's on the shelves?
    I exchanged my pre @ my local best buy btw.
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    The same thing happened to me today. I had my phone umm, lost, and called Asurion for a replacement, next day air to my house, $100.00 later, and had 1.1 Webos with a Yahoo Messenger on my phone. Pretty cool.
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    I just got my second Pre, first returned for the annoying Oreo effect, and I have Yahoo Messenger on it, which I'm quite excited about. Now, I can't seem to sign in on the Yahoo account. The little 'signing in' circle turns and turns, but never seems to accomplish anything. Very frustrating.

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