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    I want to be able to sync my hotmail (just email not contacts or calendar) which has a customized address:, how would I go about doing this?

    I also want to sync all my contacts and calendar from a groupwise account. I already synced the email just by entering the address and pw, but nothing else synced (as it did with a GMail account).

    Also I have an old T-mobile phone with a SIM card... is there anyway I can import those contacts to the Pre? If not is there a better management system so I don't have to add all of them on the phone itself?
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    I had the same issue. No you can not sync your contacts directly from your hotmail account but there is a work around that works very well for me. assuming you already have a Gmail acct. from you comment "as it did with a Gmail acct." you can import your contacts from hotmail directly into your Gmail acct. via your Gmail inbox (without importing your emails, you can select only contacts). This combines all of your contacts to your gmail acct. (and they still exist separately on your hotmail server). Thus when your pre sycs with gmail contacts it will import your hotmail contacts flawlessly. For your tmobile sim card contacts, you can go into your local sprint store (or best buy if purchased there) and they have a bluetooth machine that will transport the contacts for you (as they did for me, I also switched from tmobile about a year ago).

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't need my contacts or calendar from Hotmail imported. I just need the e-mail synced through IMAP or POP3.

    I do need my calendar and contacts imported from my Groupwise account. I guess I can just call their support since their mail server is here on campus.

    I don't think my old t-mobile phone supported bluetooth. Is that the only way to transfer contacts?

    Again, thanks.
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    Ok I got it all setup

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