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    Does anyone know a workaround for enabling Hotmail Calender on the Pre?
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    Besides using Outlook to sync the hotmail calendar and then sync it back to the Pre via gmail or direct connection via a 3rd party software.... no.

    I would like to see Hotmail/Windows live integration as well, since then the synchronization with Outlook would be super easy.
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    Is there any way to sync hotmail calender with with my pre?
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    I've heard that hotmail will be switching to using exchange active sync very soon. That should make it work just as well as an exchange server.
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    Users will be able to synchronize e-mail, calendar and contacts between their phone and the Web using Exchange ActiveSync, and download new mobile Hotmail apps. Microsoft said Hotmail mobile apps will be unveiled on "BlackBerry, Nokia and many other phones," but did not mention the iPhone or Google's Android platform.

    Microsoft's Hotmail e-mail gets a makeover - Computerworld

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