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    I am currently having the following problem. I have move my posts to this section in hopes of getting some help.

    I am using sherweb exchange server. The calender app does not appear to be active? I can not create events and calendar events do not sync/display. I think this has something to do with the backup app / palm profile email verification. When you go to palm profile in the menu from the backup app there is a note that says (this profile has not been verified)! The first time I reverified the palm profile email, and sync'ed all calendar events appeared and the app was now active. Shortly thereafter the calendar was inactive, events missing and profile requiring verification.

    I have been on the phone with Palm for a couple of hours and the first level of support asked all the basic questions and then sent me on to the second level of support.

    They had me perform a partial reset of the device which "logs me out of the palm profile". When the partial reset and reboot are done it asks me to create a new profile or log into a profile.

    After resyncing the exchange account they asked me to load a google technician calendar account. When the account first loads you can see the appointments (ALL) and within about 10-15 secons while sliding from day to day or adding an event the calendar reverts back to not showing events or accepting new events.

    They have informed me I will receive a call within 24 hours to assist in addressing this.

    Now the profile does not have the (not verified error) as prior to the partial reset so I am having trouble maintaining that as the problem.

    Does anyone else have any insight into this? Help!

    Email works correct and all other functions seem to work. The calendar is the problem.

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    I already removed the EAS account and re-added it. That did not work for me.

    Glad to hear you are up and running.

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    I am reaching out for anyone that has Sherweb hosted exchange with the exchange calendars working on their pre or anyone with Sherweb that has problem with exchange calendars working.

    I have spent hours on the phone with palm. Partial reset, reset, re-link palm profile, attach a test palm account, etc. Finally they said wait for the next update.

    I have sent requests to Sherweb, their reply was use the iphone setup which does not match field for field.

    Here are the symptoms:

    The daily calendar is grayed out. It does not scroll up down, left right. It does not allow new events and does not display events. I cannot verify if synced events are present and not displayed or just not present.

    When I remove the exchange account the problem goes away. When I add back the exchange account the calendar functions for a minute or two and the goes grey.

    Anyone with Sherweb or suggestions I would really like to hear from you.



    Hopefully someone has an idea on this.

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    This won't be much help, but I have a Sherweb hosted exchange account and everything syncs up just fine. I have applied many tweaks, manually and otherwise, and just because I have experimented quite a bit I have also used the Doctor several times. Each time all my hosted exchange syncs up just fine after using the Doctor - email, calendar, contacts and tasks. I have Outlook 2007 on my desktop and everything syncs up there as well. I set up my email first on the Pre using as the mail server and that created the contacts and calendar accounts automatically on the Pre.

    If you haven't already, and don't mind losing your call log, SMS, etc, I would run a backup, run the Doctor, log into your Palm profile, then before doing anything else create your Sherweb account on the Pre and see if your calendar works. If it doesn't then the problem is almost certainly on the Sherweb side of it (assuming you have entered all your login credentials correctly).
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