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    Trying to help a friend here.
    He wants to remove his outlook contacts from his Pre. Whenever he removes the contacts account, it also removes his email and calendar accounts.

    Is it that all 3 are linked and you have to have all 3?

    He just got the phone yesterday and is still on 1.1
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    I'm pretty sure the phone syncs all that stuff together, so if you get rid of one thing it may require that you dump them all. I have my phone connected to my Yahoo account but I keep all my contact info on the phone, not online. I'm sure this isn't an option for you. I'm still a little confused by the "accounts", but if you have the option I would try making everything your Palm account and forget the others
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    i know that for gmail and yahoo, etc you CAN just have email and no contacts, etc. He tried once to remove the exchange contacts account, and it wiped out his email and calendar. So it must be that all 3 are linked somehow.

    Thanks again

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