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    There is a new facebook mobile page for the pre. Its still It lets you comment and also see them. This is a BIG upgrade
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    this is the same mobile facebook site that comes as a bookmark on your pre from the factory.
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    I just noticed this as well. Good thing I bought Friends Flow as now it looks like I won't need it...
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    This is a huge improvement!
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    wow it is a huge improvement...
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    This one doesnt update friends' posts well. It has a few days' lag on some of my friends.
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    Theres a Facebook app now, I'm surprised the people who were complaining aren't posting how happy they are. Sure, it's not Palm official, but it's pretty damned good, and worth the 2 bucks or whatever it costs(I forget how much)
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    wow that is pretty cool
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    it is lagging behind on showing some posts for me too
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    This is a MAJOR overhaul as far as I'm concerned. Stuff I've noticed:

    -The friends search actually works now. I had people flat out missing from my searches.
    -Like's are added
    -Comment's are added
    -I can't remember if photos were shown inline on the newsfeed tab before, but they are there now
    -You can hop back to the photo albums of the user now by re-tapping the photo tab...but only if you get there from their actual page not an inline newsfeed link
    -WAY more responsive
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    If all of that was added I might not want the app when it comes out. (maybe if it's really good)
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    Wow. Major improvement! I think I will stop going to the full site & begin using this one.
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    I just became a hero to my girlfriend. She has a pre and was very unhappy with using facebook on it. She literally squealed when I showed it to her as she had been using facebook lite.
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    Try as hard as I can, I just can't seem to remember to check my facebook page but once every month or so. Either way, keep up the improvements, Palm!
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    Definitely an improvement, but I don't see a way to upload photos from this page. You can always email them I guess, but it's much nicer when it's integrated.

    Though I'm still waiting for the app -- would like to get real-time notifications (though I'd like to be able to choose which ones I get ... if I get another Mafia notification, I'm killing everyone who plays that game).
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    Wow, much improved. Thanks for the heads up!
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    its still just totally not picking up some status updates from my friends... its not matching up with the real facebook
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    way better

    however if you follow the Notification to someone commenting on a Photo - it takes you to that general photo album instead of the specific Photo commented on
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